The brave may not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.

F*ck it, Do it (and Write About It)

Welcome home

There’s been quite a few occasions I’ve come to start to write this post, and I’ve given up. Sometimes because I have no words, sometimes because I’m not sure to write, and sometimes because I’m just exhausted. It’s because there’s been so much going on. The other week, a few days after I got home,Continue reading “Welcome home”

Cananda rocks [sp]

A week into my Canadian trip and I’m just starting to wind down. OK yeah, it might seem strange because I’ve been on ‘holiday’ for two months already but just because I’ve not been working doesn’t mean I’ve not been on the go. Originally me and Katie had talked about a big Canadian roadtrip upContinue reading “Cananda rocks [sp]”

Halfway house

I’ve been in the UK for just over five weeks now, so I’m just over halfway through my trip. In two and a half weeks I’ll be leaving the UK for a couple of weeks in Canada before heading home to New Zealand. I’m having the BEST time. I’m seeing all the people and doingContinue reading “Halfway house”