Training: Week One

And so it begins. Yes. Training has officially STARTED.

Eek. I’m still not quite taking it as seriously as I should be perhaps. Mark ‘the mountain goat’ from BMF is helping me with a training plan, and these first few weeks are all about building a good foundation of a bit of running and some strength and conditioning work. It’s actually less than I normally do, so I’m taking some confidence in that perhaps I am already a super athlete.

Here’s what week one should have consisted of:

  • BMF x 3
  • Running 40 mins x 2
  • Running 60 minutes x 1
  • Rest Day

I didn’t do all the above, and I didn’t do all of them in the right order but I already had stuff planned in so found it hard to fit it all in, especially the BMF which is only on certain days and times. This weekend was a dragon pedalo (dragalo) adventure commitment, beers and helping friends out which didn’t fit quite so well. I’m making sure my diary is a bit clearer from now on.

I’m also realising I’m going to have to get my nutrition into gear and make sure I’m eating the right stuff at the right times. At the minute I don’t feel I’m doing enough for food to be that important but probably should start sooner rather than later. Apparently I need to stock up on jelly babies. I can do that.

I’m also going to add some things in that aren’t on Mark’s plan, like yoga and swimming which will help with all round flexibility and recovery. Hopefully.

And of course cycling for fun. FUN. Still need to have a bit of that.

Next on the list of things to do/research/get scared by is to get a kit list together of things needed so I can go and spunk a huge amount of money on shiny new running stuff and book some flights.

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