Training: Week Three

I’m getting into the groove of this now. The groove of trying to fit training around other commitments, or commitments around the training. The running is not so bad as that’s pretty easy to fit around most things as I can always get up really early, fit a quick one in at lunchtime or run later in the evening. It’s the BMF sessions. This week I was away for the weekend in visiting the family and so far, far away from any BMF type activity.

You should know that I am crap at trying any kind of high intensity exercise by myself. I wimp out really quickly as soon as it starts to hurt or when I can’t breathe. So the weekend BMF session didn’t materialise. I actually was going to try and do a HIIT session in the garden from but I ran out of time (and favoured sleep instead) but apart from that I actually smashed all the training sessions this week. I gave myself a little high-five.

Here’s what week three should have consisted of:

  • BMF x 2
  • Running 30 mins x 1
  • Running 60 minutes x 1
  • Running 75 minutes x 1
  • Rest Day x 2

The 60 minute run was before work at 6am, another £2 training plan run. Apart from feeling like I was getting up WAY before I should be (any pre-6am alarm is insane in my book) it’s actually a brilliant way to start a day. Used to do it all the time in Lincoln but not so much here, I usually try to go swimming before work nowadays if I’m going to do anything in the morning.

The 30 minute run turned into a 40 minute run with a hill and a great catch up chat with Lou. Running is great with other people because you can talk and forget what’s going on with your body. Legs hurt? Who cares, because you’re too busy listening to gossip. Running up a hill? You don’t even notice because you’re trying to recount the story of the last few weeks.

This weekend I had many chances to have a few bevvies. And yet I didn’t have a single one. Much to the dismay of my friends on Thursday who I’m sure now think I am pregnant. Friday was an epic party with all the free champers and booze you could drink, yet I spent the evening not having anything stronger than a J20. The picture below just sums it up: drinking tea with the other sober people (well, person, I’m pretty sure Will and I were the only two not drinking) at midnight in the kitchen while everyone else was carrying on partying.

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

The Sober Life. Look how smug we are about Not Drinking.

There are benefits to this though:

  1. No hangover.
  2. You remember all the conversations of the evening.
  3. You have that massive smug feeling the next day when you discover that everyone feels as rough as a badgers arse and you just feel a little bit tired.
  4. No hangover. This is important as the older you get the worse they are, and so not having one is a Big Deal.
  5. No craving shitty food due to Hangover.
  6. Training is better and easier with No Hangover.

All in all, a pretty great week.

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