Training: Week Two

Woah! Week two down already. A week of trying to fit everything in, trying to make sure I have been food shopping, get decent sleep, have visitors, do stuff for fun and not drink too much.

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t manage all of it.

Here’s what week two should have consisted of:

  • BMF x 3
  • Running 40 mins x 2
  • Running 75 minutes x 1
  • Rest Day x 2

Plus points: I did all of it apart from one BMF session, but I did an extra run (a guide run), I ran longer than 40 mins and also did another yoga session so I don’t feel too bad.

Minus points: I also didn’t eat that great/enough food and drank waaaayyyy too much last weekend.

This was also the week where I started the £2 Training Plan. Basically, the premise is that I’d like to try and raise more awareness and money for charity again, however I don’t want to just ask people to donate cash as they did that last last year when I biked the Carretera Austral in Chile. So, I figured I am only going to make people part with their cash if they get something out of it – which will also help me a) get out and train and b) make/keep it fun. So, trying to turn some of the sessions into something that other people would like to join in with (because let’s face it, no one really wants to join in a 15 mile training plod around town, do they? That doesn’t exactly scream fun). If people do want to join me, all I ask is that they pay £2 (less than a fancy coffee) which will go straight to charity.

So Wednesday saw Dave and Sian join me for a little jog around Leckhampton Hill. One of my favourite places to run (and one of the first places I ran in Cheltenham). I wore my tutu, Dave wore fairy wings, Sian had new nails and off we trotted. And what a glorious run it was!

This is still the foundation stage so I’m not doing any mega big runs, or too many sessions of BMF a week. If anything, I’m doing a little bit less than what I usually do so this is probably a good thing to get a bit of rest and not over train too early. I did some yoga again this week (still not easy in the slightest) and at some point will try to face the foam roller.


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