Training: Week Twelve

Hello week twelve, you equal 3 months. Holy crapbags! I don’t feel like I’ve been training for 3 months. Last week I felt good, like I was nailing my training and feeling pretty OK. Now, realising I’ve been doing it for 3 months actually makes me feel like I’m nowhere near where I should be and surely I should be further ahead than where I am?

Then I give myself a kick up the arse and just tell myself to get on with it and do the best I can. Stop bloody whinging and whining and just keep running. I have no idea whether I actually should be further on than where I am, as I’m now at the point where I’m not progressing as such (as in, I’m now at the maximum training time) I just need to keep repeating each week. Even if I had another couple of months, maybe I would still feel like I didn’t have enough time. Hell, I don’t even know what the right amount of time is. What I actually know is that I’m on a training plan that’s a) tailored for me and b) for the amount of time I do actually have. So, yep, stop bloody whinging and whining and just keep running.

So, 3 months in and how do I feel? Pretty tired actually, most of the time. Not enough to stop any training, but enough to make me know I’m asking more of my body than I usually do. Trying to eat lots of good food and get a bit more sleep than I usually do to combat it.

Feeling slightly stressed as it’s taking up a lot of time and therefore I feel even busier than usual as the time I have to do things decreases. Life admin has taken a back seat right now.

Motivation levels are still pretty high, surprisingly. Massively helped by a) getting people coming and joining me (£2 training plan seems to be a great idea) b) knowing I’m raising money for charity and c) keeping runs interesting by changing routes/locations etc.

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