Training: Week Seventeen

REST DAYS GALORE this week. Rest Days are Important. Just as Important as the Running Days. It’s the time for the body to repair and get stronger.

I love rest days. Doing this much training means I love it when rest days come around. I’m practically squirming in my seat with excitement at not having to do much.

Now, strictly speaking rest days are not an excuse to sit on my arse stuffing my face with chocolate digestive thins.

Oh no.

I am ‘allowed’ to do some gentle stuff, like walking, swimming, yoga etc. So far though I have mainly used them as an excuse to sit and stuff my face with biscuits (although sometimes on my rest days I have walked to the supermarket to buy said thins…) which I reckon is good for my soul, if not the waistline and the mystical 5kg weightloss which <cough> isn’t going so well. Maybe I just have loads more muscle now, and everyone knows muscle weights more than fat, right?

But despite all my rest days this week (because of that Big Walk I did last weekend) I still got out for some running and cycling fun. No rest for the wicked when you’re ultramarathon training. I swing from days where I just feel So Tired Of Just About EVERYTHING, to days where I have loads of energy and can happily run for 3 hours, usually related to how much food (and what type) I’ve been eating, and how much (and decent quality) sleep I’ve been getting.

What I actually fancy right now is a week away somewhere hot and sunny by myself with nothing to do apart from run, walk and relax. Totally should have built that into my training plan. Hmm. Wonder if my boss would let me have a week’s unpaid leave next week? I should be so lucky.

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