Training: Week Twenty

Apparently there’s a fine line between training and over training with this kind of thing, and I think I might have just done a little disco shuffle-skip-dance over that line. Am feeling some of the classic symptoms (or have been, over the last couple of weeks) of over training so this week I took it a little bit more gently given that it’s my last week of training before tapering and frankly a few less minutes running isn’t going to make much of a difference now.

Because, YES THAT’S RIGHT, it’s the last few weeks now! This has been my last week of proper training and then I’m into taper, which for those of you who have no idea what that is, it’s basically a couple of weeks of reducing the training volume, eating lots of good food and carbs, drinking loads of water and trying to get oodles of top quality sleep. LET’S SEE IF THAT HAPPENS.


In other news I’m helping someone trial a service for sporting events – it’s a facility where you can record a message for people taking part in an event that they can listen to when the going gets tough – I have a page set up which will be available until Wednesday 27th Sep – I would really love it if people recorded a little message of support/kick up the arse message/little song/anything you like that I can listen to when the going gets tough or when I get lost in the sand dunes 😬 – record it here.

And finally, if you want to throw a few pennies towards NMO-UK Research, you can find my fundraising page here.

The countdown is on! (help)

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