The £2 training plan – how it worked

During my training I created a thing called the ‘£2 training plan’ as a way to raise cash for charity. In simple terms, it meant asking people to come join me on a training run and donate £2 each time they did it. The benefits were multiple: money was raised for charity, people got something out of it and I got company and motivation to train.

How it worked

I worked out each week which training session I could make into an event – normally it was my ‘shorter’ runs or a hike or bike ride as not many people would want to run for 2 or 3 hours (me included sometimes!). It was a bit tricky as I was running at quite a slow pace so some of my usual running buddies found it hard to run so slow and I didn’t want to deviate from my training plan too much either.

Then I tried to figure out how to make it a bit more interesting or different than ‘just a run’ – so for example we had fancy dress runs, litter pick runs, laps round a lake etc. I also did a treasure hunt run but I’ll write about that in another post sometime. I wore a tutu or unicorn leggings on each session because I remember committing to it when first talking about it (possibly when slightly tipsy in the pub).

Sometimes I’d try and do one in a different place if I was travelling around for some reason – I did runs in London, Lincoln and Brighton as well as Cheltenham where I was living and doing most of my training.

I’d create an event on Facebook and invite everyone I knew, or just message or speak to anyone I thought might be able to make it (e.g. friends in the same location as the run etc.) then just wait for everyone to turn up and off we went (after accosting them for cash before any steps were taken).

Oh, and I also cajoled people who wouldn’t want to actually run into joining in too – some people paid me not to run, and on long runs sometimes I would phone people for a chat and then ask them to donate £2 for being ‘part of it’.

I collected all the cash, counted it up at the end and paid it into my Just Giving page rather than ask people to donate £2 online – this way I could keep track of how much had been raised as I went along.

How much was raised

In total, all these £2 training plan runs raised £150 for charity (this doesn’t include the treasure hunt run) and definitely got me out training on days when I’m not sure I would have done by myself, probably preferring to hide away under a furry blanket and eat chocolate and be in denial about what I had to do.

I had a TON of fun on these runs as well, so much more than I expected. It made the summer full of fun, friends, running and laughter and I am eternally grateful to everyone who came and joined me, I hope they had as much fun as me.

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I love running, writing, travel and adventure. I'll give anything a go once, and am always up for a laugh.

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