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Eggs Benny

New Zealand loves a good eggs benny, and it comes in all different varieties. In fact, a lot of the time it’s not with ham and english muffins, but they still call any permetation of eggs and hollandaise Eggs Benny. My absolute fave is when it’s with smashed spuds or a rosti instead of a muffin and spinach or mushrooms instead of ham. I made it myself the other weekend but cocked the hollandaise up, I cooked it for too long and ended up with what was effectively buttery scrambled egg yolks on top of poached eggs. Still bloody tasty though.


Snow capped mountains

I see these every morning when I leave the house, most of the time against a blue or pink sky and so the white just pops out. Truly gorgeous and I’m not sure I will ever get tired of seeing them.

Snow capped mountains

Winter sunshine

Winter is beautiful here; I’m bloody loving it. It’s crisp frosts and blue sky and sunshine, and oh so bright. Makes such a difference to people’s moods and the milder temperatures make it easier to get out and about.



I forget I live close to the sea, and often forget to go, defaulting to the hills instead. Last weekend in the North Island I spent a fair bit of time on the beach up there and remembered just how bloody lovely it is to go for a long walk on the sand.


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