Devil’s Dash – 6.66km spooky run

Last night a group of us took on the Devil’s Dash run in Bottle Lake Forest, Christchurch. It’s a spooky halloween/zombie type run through the forest for 6.66km, IN THE DARK.

Admittedly it was a smaller group than originally planned, but for reasons other than they were scared. I think.

Kate (who, in her own words, was at home resembling an actual zombie) had decided a while ago that the theme would be zombiefied 80’s fitness fashion, so B and I (me massively helped by Kathy and B basically sorting my outfit for me while I was away on holiday) chanelled our inner Jane Fonda and added white faces like we’d not seen sunlight for a while (well, it has been winter), fake blood and eye make up that just extenuated wrinkles, adding to the effect but leaving me contemplating the effectiveness of my anti-wrinkle cream (DAMN YOU OLAY, you lied).


The course wound through the forest lit by green glowsticks, and it was pretty dark by the time we got going so you had to rely on your torch. I’m pleased I replaced the batteries in my headtorch as the last time I’d used it running in the dark I ended up falling over, although that was possibly just my clumsy feet.

At various points in the course people dressed as zombies, axe murderers, ghosts etc jumped out at you. Sometimes there was prior warning from groups ahead screaming, other times not as we were alone in the woods. My most hated favourite was Freddy Kruger, blocking the path and then chasing after us. SUCH FUN.

I’d done a Zombie Run in the UK a few years ago which involved the attempted collection of ‘lives’ from a belt around your waist, so this felt a little tame in comparison, with no zombies trying to grab or chase you, but running around in a forest in the dark hearing screams in the distance was still pretty neat.

Then they gave us beer and pizza afterwards, and a free buff. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH BUFFS.

Not a bad way to spend a Friday night, I’d give it 8/10, would recommend. More zombies/axe murderers and more grabbing (NOT in a sexual way) would get it a higher score.


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