A year in people #8 – Mrs Mackie

Mrs Mackie, there are two things I remember about you as the mother of my best friend at primary school up until the age of about 10.

Tenderstem broccoli and fishfinger sandwiches.

We only had normal broccoli at home, so this long-stemmed vegetable looked and tasted so exotic. It fanned out on my plate like tall little trees. For some reason, I was fascinated.

Whoever thought of putting fishfingers in bread? They went with oven chips, mashed potatoes, waffles or anything else potato-based in our house. But bread? Woah! This was next level. Not just any bread either, soft white baps with butter that would melt under the hot filling. You set my rules for life for FF sandwich sauce accompaniments; tomato sauce and salad cream. They are, 27 years and many tastings later, still the best fishfinger sandwiches I have ever had.

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