A year in people #15 – James D

I think it was some science class that Vic Makins and I sat near James and Tim. I think. I can’t remember exactly, but I do remember James at school. He was alright. Quite funny and just a nice lad. Not tall.

I think I was friends with him on Facebook for a bit when it first came out and everyone used that instead of Friends Reunited to see how people had started to change since school. We had a ten-year school reunion in 2009 and at some point after that I had a Facebook cull and got rid of a load of people who I never saw or spoke to, and James was one of them. No malice, we just didn’t really interact.

Fast forward nearly another 10 years and I bump into James and Tim at the Lincoln Half Marathon about 18 months ago. I was chuffed to see they were still friends after all this time (because after all, we’ve been left school like 20 years now, a LONG time) and it was nice to pass the time while in the starting pen and find out what responsible (or not responsible adults) we had become.

I’ve still followed Tim on Instagram over this time, mainly because he’s turned out pretty hot, looks a little bit like one of my ex-boyfriends, and posts the cutest pictures and videos of him and his daughter.

I’m now back in touch with James too, and also enjoy following him on Instagram. He’s also turned out hot, although doesn’t look like any of my ex-boyfriends or have a daughter. He has a motorbike (maybe more than one), and I also found out the other day he’s a RAF reservist, and we all know I’m partial to a man in uniform. He also loves tiny homes, doesn’t baulk at the idea of living in a bus and loves getting dirty. If only we lived in the same country.


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