Life modelling – a little too familiar?

Hannah mentioned in this post that her worst fear with life modelling was seeing someone she knew. I’m not sure I share the same fear. I mean, yes, it would be awkward, but I like to think I’d remain professional. Being naked in a life modelling class is way different than being naked in front of your friends in the pub or in the middle of the office.

I went on a couple of dates with someone from one of the classes. This did feel weird knowing he’d already seen me naked. Seen the goods already, so to speak, when I hadn’t even had a glimpse of his. Not sure I’d do that again, it’s a bit like dating someone at work, and we all know how that’s gone for me in the past (spoiler: CATASTROPHE).

Speaking of work, a couple of months ago as I left the office to go to a class, my new colleague Jayne mentioned her son went to life drawing classes. We discovered I knew exactly who her son was and he’d been seeing me naked for quite some time. It didn’t make me feel weird until tonight, when, as I was holding one pose and I realised that I probably should have put a bit more thought into it. It wasn’t perhaps the most delicate of leg positioning and he was pretty much at eye level with my lady bits…


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