A year in people #42 – Bryony

How many times have you been the new person that turns up to something? A new job, a party, a meeting, a fitness group etc. Where you don’t know anyone? It can be terrifying, right? Intimidating? Even for the most confident people.

The first time I went along to the HIIT Squad when I first got to New Zealand, I didn’t know anyone. I hadn’t been here long, and was feeling unsure and unsettled in general. Everything was new, Every. Single. Thing I had to go to I was the new person. It’s totally exhausting.

Bryony was the first person to speak to me on that Wednesday night, welcomed me to the group and we had a bit of chit chat. Probably nothing in the scheme of things for her, but a huge thing for me. It’s hard being that new person, and a kind, welcoming word makes a massive difference. It’s the difference between feeling welcome and wanting to go back, or going once and never going again and running away and hiding under a rock.

I went back.

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