A year in people #44 – D, the guy who never was

D and I enjoyed a wonderful friendship for a few years. Mild flirting, deep conversations, and a mutual understanding of the quite obvious attraction that was there on both sides. But he had a girlfriend, so that’s as far as it went. He’d talk about how the relationship wasn’t quite working but didn’t make any moves to leave. I was happy being single and skipping around doing my own stuff, seeing The Marine and heading off to travel.

Eventually, he split up with his girlfriend and our schedules matched up for us to meet for dinner. I would have driven for hours just to chat with him for a few minutes. It was rare we had a whole evening together, so I was pretty excited. It was the first time we’d both been single, and the attraction was still fizzing.

We had the most lovely evening; laughing and enjoying each others’ company over dinner. He asked me back to his place for a cup of tea. I wondered if – hoped – that was a euphemism.

We sat facing each other on the couch, our legs slightly touching.

“Paps, I’ve got something to say.” he said.

Oooh. ‘Yes?” I asked, leaning forward. Maybe this was it.

“I’ve started seeing someone.”



REALLY? You have to be fucking kidding me. Of course you have. He’d literally just broken up with his girlfriend. Then it clicked into place. He’d split up with her, to get with this new girl.

I’d never been an option.

“You look disappointed.”

No shit sherlock. Of course I’m disappointed. At one time, I would have pretended I wasn’t. Pretended it wasn’t a big deal. Not this time. I was too pissed off.

“I am disappointed. Did you think I wouldn’t be?”

He knew, otherwise he wouldn’t have waited until the very end of the evening to say something.

I realised some people love the chase. He told me that he would have slept with me, back then, if I’d given him the come on. Oh wow, what a compliment <eye roll>.

“Sorry for being the one who had some fucking morals.” I said, on my way out.


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I love running, writing, travel and adventure. I'll give anything a go once, and am always up for a laugh.

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