A year in people #46 – the secret guy at work

You look hot today.

I glanced down at my phone, a smile on my face as I read the message.

I was working on a project in a different department, and somehow I’d ended up catching the eye of someone who wasn’t part of the team as such, but was in one of the offices I’d go visit.

I can’t even remember how he got my number, I think we all went out for a drink at some point. I can’t even remember how we started flirting. Probably on that night out.

It was just a few messages here and there. It sure brightened up an average work day. Then the messages got more frequent and a little more risque. I’m pretty sure sexting wasn’t a known word back then but that’s what we did.

One Friday night I was out in town. “What are you up to? Not a lot. Come out for a drink. It’s late. Go on. How long are you out for? Probably not much longer to be honest. Drop by mine on your way home.

And so started a very brief but incredibly fun romance. The anticipation outweighed the reality, with way more words, stories and expectation over text than actual face to face interactions, and it soon just fizzled out into a friendship with fun memories.




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I love running, writing, travel and adventure. I'll give anything a go once, and am always up for a laugh.

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