A year in people #54 -the guy in my dream

I just woke up from a quite random weird dream. I often have these; I have a very strange but mostly fun dream life (my favourites are when I can fly or run really fast).

For some reason last night I was getting married to a guy who I’ve met a few times at a running group here in NZ. Lovely guy but 1) not my type and 2) he has a (really nice) girlfriend. In my dream he’d obviously left her to go out with me (she was also at the wedding). I’m not sure how he’d asked me to marry him, and why I’d said yes but hey ho.

It was the day of the wedding and I realised I’d got no idea how it had got to that point and that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get married, I felt like I barely knew him.

But I couldn’t find him to talk to him. For some random reason I was sat with my ex-husband and he was helping me try to get in contact with him. Time was ticking on and more people were arriving, people I’d never met and didn’t know. It was a big fancy place that in real life, I’d probably never get married in. It all felt wrong.

Flowers were being set up, big, massive hydrangeas which were so beautiful. But they’re not me. It was like being in someone else’s wedding. I asked a guest who they were here for, bride or groom. Neither, they replied, they just wanted to take photos. I remember they messed up the chairs and it annoyed me.

I had the most stunning white/cream dress on though. Not a wedding dress, but a short, lacy vintage dress. I could’ve passed for a [very well dressed] guest.

Finally my husband-to-be messaged my ex-husband asking him if he fancied a few glasses of wine before the ceremony started. This was my chance. I headed off to meet him. I was nervous. I got to the hotel room.

Then woke up.

I woke up feeling really panicky and anxious. Thank god I didn’t actually have to tell someone on their wedding day that I didn’t want to get married to them. Sometimes I have dreams where I’m back together with my ex-husband and I have to leave all over again. I hate them.

Oh, and just for more randomness, Russell Brand was also floating around as a background character. I never actually got to meet him though.

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