A year in people #65 – Siany

Sian is a little Welsh rocket. A lean mean fitness machine who just keeps going and going and going until she literally drops (or gets meningitis). She’s also the kind of person you just want to pick up and put in your pocket and keep safe from the world. See, she’s tough and feisty and more than capable but slightly naive and vulnerable and so utterly sweet that there’s a natural instinct to want to love and protect her.

Sian was one of my favourite people at BMF (British Military Fitness) Chelts. When I asked her if I could write a post she said she was surprised there was anything to write about. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Oh Siany there is so much.

You’re hilarious without trying to be, you love some good banter and a bit of gossip, and are gullible in a sweet way, so you know we love playing pranks on you. You have the biggest heart and would do anything for anyone, without hesitation. You give so much of yourself to other people, without expecting anything in return. Always smiling and laughing, you’re one of life’s real treasures. You really are.

Who else would run a half marathon dressed as a biscuit? Or bike around as a christmas pudding?

We had SUCH a laugh in BMF. Sian was generally trying to actually do it properly while I pissed around jumping on her or trying out my sliding rugby tackles. She was SO competitive. Always had to win. I am not competitive in the slightest but it did amuse me to sometimes sprint past her for shits and giggles.

I loved hanging out. You always trying to get me to join the other team, me just wanting to see you happy. You’ll get a MASSIVE HUG when I next see you. And maybe a bum squeeze.

I couldn’t be more proud of you and everything you do. It’s not just me, everyone feels the same. You just ask them.





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I love running, writing, travel and adventure. I'll give anything a go once, and am always up for a laugh.

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