A year in people #70 – my first boyfriend

I was 15 and had gone to a friend of a friend’s (let’s call her A) house for the weekend. They had a swimming pool and it was summer so HELL YES.

A’s Dad was a plumber, and had a young lad working for him (who also happened to live just down the road) who just happened to be THE MOST GORGEOUS BOY I’D EVER LAID EYES ON. He was all 90’s Jared Leto-esque with curtains, dreamy eyes and a cheeky grin.

Obviously, the whole bunch of us 15 year old girls would giggle and stare at this fine 18 year old specimen; the poor lad was pretty much ambushed. His sister, a couple of years younger than us, would laugh, not seeing what we were seeing.

I was awkward, shy and definitely not the prettiest in the group, so I never thought I’d stand a chance. We’d just chat and hang out and I’d enjoy staring at his face. He had the most wonderful Welsh lilt and I loved talking to him and just listening to him speak.

One night (I can’t remember whether it was that first weekend or another one) we were all camping in the garden (no idea why, one of those things that don’t really make sense to adults but kids just do random shit). There were about 6 of us in this big tent, all laid side by side and somehow we ended up next to each other. Engineered or just pure luck, I can’t quite remember.

It was pretty much pitch black and I laid very straight and very still, conscious that a person I fancied the absolute pants off was laid right there next to me. I was so careful not to accidentally touch him, yet it was all I ached to do. I could tell he’d turned towards me, and he whispered something I didn’t quite catch. I turned towards him, my face now only inches from his. I could feel his breath on my lips as he moved towards me, now dangerously near, and my stomach felt like it had a million butterflies in it.

I don’t know what he said, or whether I replied, but we laid so tantalisingly close for what seemed like forever. I think I held my breath until eventually one (or both) of us edged forward just that little bit more until our lips met in the most soft, gentle, stomach-fizzing kiss.

Our first kiss.

(Incidentally, it’s very similar to my first kiss with the guy from New Zealand, but that’s another story)

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