I run.

I run. I just keep going. One foot, in front of the other. No end in sight, no time to think, nowhere to be.

What goes through my mind? I couldn’t tell you. My whole life, and nothing at all. It’s blank, but so full it might burst. Like a conveyor belt, one thing after another, teasing me with memories and feelings. Dreams and hopes, shame and failure – together, holding hands. But not staying; just passing through like clouds on a summer breeze. 

I look at the horizon, but I don’t see it. I see images in my brain; memories. I’m transported into a full technicolour daydream. Sometimes the lead character, sometimes standing in the wings. Sometimes I float above like a bird, gracefully observing.

I feel calm. I feel good. My heart is beating and my lungs are breathing. I’m alive. I take a deep breath, and feel the world. 

I am the world.

I’m alive.

I run.

Published by Paps

I love running, writing, travel and adventure. I'll give anything a go once, and am always up for a laugh.

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