Life modelling – fun facts

You will get cold

You will get too hot

You will sweat

You will want to cough

You can stretch

It will hurt

You will need to fart

You will fart

You will move

You will get an itch

You will be able to not scratch that itch

You will feel like a badass for not scratching the itch

A fly will probably land on you

A spider might crawl on you

You will realise you have no idea what you thought about for two hours

You will commit to a pose only to realise that it’s inappropriate for at least one artist in the room

You will get tired and want to fall asleep

You will forget to shave/trim/tidy and only remember when getting undressed

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2 thoughts on “Life modelling – fun facts

  1. I’m new to modeling. I’ve only posed for a single artist so far, but I’m posing in a week for a group in a 360 space with anywhere from 15 to 45 artists, so I’ve been thinking a lot about committing “to a pose only to realise that it’s inappropriate for at least one artist in the room”. As a guy, I feel like no matter how hard I try, nearly every single pose I do will force someone to draw my male bits, and that partially freaks me out and partially makes me want to repeatedly apologize.


    1. Hi there! Totally understand, and the first few times are always the hardest/weirdest. Early on, I found it helped me to get some direction on poses from either the person leading the class, or the artists themselves. Not only did this take the pressure off me to think of poses, I got to understand what things artists are looking for (not being one, I had no idea about light/shape etc) as well as being placed in the room in a way that everyone felt comfortable with.

      Also, we’re naked for a reason – people want to draw bits, haha! But it’s the most non-sexual environment ever, and soon you realise that people are looking at the whole of you, for the purpose of drawing, and don’t really see any part of your body as anything other than another shape to draw. It’s society that’s sexualised bodies to the extent we see today, and I’ve really found that life drawing has helped me view my body (and bodies in general) as much more than just things that have rude bits that people are attracted to 😉

      Thanks for commenting and if you want to chat more, please do feel free to get in touch 🙂


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