A year in people #82 – Nic

I think Nic was the first person I met in New Zealand when I moved here who I didn’t already know, or who wasn’t connected to my ex-boyfriend.

It was like a Tinder date for mates. We met online, through the UK group Adventure Queens, and arranged to meet for a cuppa.

I’d only been in NZ for two weeks and was still finding my way around (hell, I’m still finding my way around Christchurch and it’s been 2 years now…). As I walked to the cafe I wondered how I’d know who Nic was.

I knew she was sitting outside, and so I scanned all the tables. Elderly couple: nope. Young family: nope. Man on his phone: nope. Woman with a teapot in front of her: yep! I smiled to myself and headed over.

“Hi, are you Nic?” I asked.

“Yes! Tara?” she replied.


She gave me the hugest hug, a big beaming smile and it was then I knew she was a good ‘un, before we’d even started to talk.

She’s one of the most warmest, kindest, giving people I know. I’ve actually only met up with her a handful of times (because we live in different parts of the South Island, and because, life) but it’s like we’re old friends that go back years and I LOVE hanging out with her.

We drink tea, she makes me swim in lakes, she cooks the BEST breakfasts and we chat chat chat chat chat.

I know that if I need anything, anytime, she’d be there.

Here’s to many more Ohau weekends with paddles, walks, tea and camping. ❤

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I love running, writing, travel and adventure. I'll give anything a go once, and am always up for a laugh.

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