A year in people #92 – Coops

December 2016. On the Saturday before Christmas, I’d arranged to meet James at the pub for a couple of afternoon beers before I headed to a carol thing in the park. He was going to be there with his mate Coops, who I’d met briefly once before. I remembered Coops as this fabulously funny, all-round fun bloke so I was looking forward to catching up.

When I got there, Pippa (wife of Coops) was also going to join us with their little baby, just for one drink.


One drink turned into another, into another and another. They are just the most delightful people you could ever meet. I laughed until my sides split. Coops is HILARIOUS. And I can’t even describe exactly why.

Everyone knows a bloke like him; genuine, funny without actually trying to be, loves his family and would do anything for anyone. Pippa is just so wonderfully wonderful; warm, friendly and equally hilarious. I loved them both instantly. And baby J too, who mainly slept quietly, oblivious to the fun we were having.

I missed the carol thingy, because we stayed in the pub. The sky turned dark outside and the lights started to twinkle, but we were having too much fun and I lost track of time. I didn’t mind though; it was one of my favourite spontaneous Cheltenham afternoons, spent with some epic people.

I only met Coops in person those couple of times but like most we now keep updated through Facebook. I never actually knew what he did for a job, because that wasn’t really the type of conversation we had, I just knew he did a bit of all sorts.

He’s recently started something called ‘Cooking with Coops’ which, had I known he was a chef while living in Cheltenham, I would have most definitely invited myself round for Sunday lunch (his yorkie puddings look AMAZING).

If you’re back in the UK, go check it out. In fact, even if you’re not, go check it out. He does courses, videos and stuff. At the minute he’s doing all things Christmas dinner related. He’s also a real top bloke; funny and genuine and everyone should know who he is.



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