A year in people #93 – Tanya

When I was little, Christmas dinner was always at our house. My Mum, who’s not really a lover of cooking, always ended up catering for the masses because we had the biggest house. I’m pretty sure she counted down the years when one day, it might be her turn to go somewhere else.

My brother and sister-in-law always said that as soon as they had kids, they would have Christmas at home; they didn’t want to travel anywhere.

Since my niece was born, my parents moved house and around the same time I became the family hobo. So now having the biggest house, a child and not leaving the country means Matthew and Tanya are now the default Christmas hosts. When I say Matthew and Tanya, I really mean Tanya (not that you don’t do much Matt, but you know what I mean).

She’s the host, the chef, the glue. She loves cooking and hosting people, but I also know it’s a lot of work and stress. I reckon she’s probably got it down pat by now, although I haven’t had a proper Christmas with them all for a few years. I do get to video call – but it’s not the same.

Tanya’s gone from being a shy teenager who “doesn’t do parents” to taking the helm and I couldn’t wish for a better person to be an integral part of our family and their/our Christmases.

I love how she bonds with my Mum, takes the piss out of my Dad and loves my Brother. She’s the best mum to my niece, and a great sister-in-law to me. I miss the Sundays I used to spend at their house, lounging around drinking tea, eating cake and chatting and gossiping.

She works SO hard living her dream of running a tea shop, baking the BEST cakes and being an intrinsic part of Horncastle life. She’s the kind of person who’ll argue she’s not doing anything special, but oh she is. She’ll make someone’s day every single day and won’t even realise it.

Thank you for choosing our family, and thank you for looking after them.


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