A year in people #97 – Kirsty

Kirsty was a temp when I was working for Lincolnshire Police, back in 2009 (I think). She’d been brought in to help with putting a HR programme together, I think it was around coaching and/or leadership and development. Something like that anyway.

She was getting married that year. Her fiancé was in the RAF and they’d moved around a little but they’d bought a house in Lincolnshire and were hoping to stay in one place for a bit. I loved hearing all about her South Africa honeymoon plans – I think I’d just got back from there a short while before so enjoyed chatting about it.

I think it was actually only a few months that we worked together; to be honest it’s so long ago and kind of a different life (pre-divorce) that I’ve forgotten a lot of the detail. What I do remember though, is joking with her about how long we’d stay friends on Facebook after she’d left. Back then, Facebook was still a relatively new concept and mainly used by people to stalk on old school pals to look at their photos and see how they’d changed since school. Once you’d seen they’d gone bald/had kids/aged terribly you’d get bored and unfriend them. We joked about how we’d only stay friends if we had interesting photos.

10 years later, and we’re still Facebook friends – it seems we both must have had interesting photos!

I love following Kirsty’s life. When I asked her if I could publish this post, she said she didn’t think she was that exciting. But oh she is!

Everyone is exciting and interesting, because we are all so different. I’ve followed Kirsty’s wedding and honeymoon, subsequent (multiple) house moves (thanks to the RAF – they never got to live in that Lincolnshire house for very long in the end), a stint living abroad in Cyprus (that looked awesome), her different jobs and cross stitching amongst SO MANY OTHER THINGS.

With social media nowadays, you can follow someone’s life, without ever actually speaking to them. I feel like I ‘know’ Kirsty really well, yet we’ve never had a single conversation in person since those few months at Lincs Police HQ. I even feel like I ‘know’ some of her friends and family (all of whom seem fab, especially her Mum), as well as her doggo who just looks THE BEST.

I love the way she chronicles her life through her posts and photos, because her personality really comes through. She seems to have a lot of fun, making the most of life, creates and takes opportunities and doesn’t post to create an impression of her life, it just is her life. I also love her fashion style, it’s epic.

Thank you for not unfriending me, and here’s hoping there’s another 10 years of interesting photos 😉


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