A year in people – the end

So that’s it; it’s the end of December 2019 (well, actually January 2020) and my year in people project is finished.

When I started, I didn’t quite know what I’d end up writing; how many posts I’d be able to do or how it would all go. The only goal I set myself was to write stories about people that have touched my life in some way. There was no set number of posts or a predetermined list of people, I just wrote when I was triggered by something or someone, when an idea popped into my head or just when I felt like it.

Some were lighthearted, a lot were fun, many were personal.

It’s brought back a truck load of memories. Most have been wonderful and special, some have been painful. It’s been cathartic, and helped put a few things to rest. Some posts have put me back in touch with people from the past, and given me a chance to say things I’ve wanted to for years.

I’ve played around with different writing styles, even though I wouldn’t always have known that’s what I was doing. I don’t actually know anything formal about writing, or styles, or grammar and prose. I just write whatever’s in my head, in the way it comes out; almost like I have no control over it. Apart from a couple of read throughs to check for typos and general readability, I hardly ever edit anything.

I hope these stories show that we all matter. That we all have an impact on people’s lives, no matter how small, whether we realise it or not. The things we say and do, mean something. We mean something. Be kind, be understanding, be unique, be special, be yourself, for that’s who we love.

It’s one thing to think something, but it’s another to tell people. If someone’s had an impact on your life, tell them. If you want to compliment someone, say it out loud. If you love someone, show them. Don’t assume they know or realise, or wait for a time that might never come.

Equally, if someone’s stepped over your boundary, raise it with them. Don’t assume they’re intentionally being an arse. If someone’s hurt you, forgive them.

If you’ve been part of the project, I want to say a massive thank you to all of you. This was a small gift from me to you.

If you haven’t, I’m sorry. There’s no particular reason, it’s just I only had finite time and resources.

The good thing is though, that I won’t be stopping writing (HURRAH!). If you’ve enjoyed these, then hopefully you’ll enjoy 2020’s project; A year in moments.

Same kind of thing, only this time it’ll be stories of moments in my life. People will still be part of it of course, but they won’t be the focal point.

Stay tuned, and thanks again.


Published by Paps

I love running, writing, travel and adventure. I'll give anything a go once, and am always up for a laugh.

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