Planes, sailboats and faffing

Scott spent lockdown with his girlfriend, who moved in with him when the UK lockdown was announced. It went well, with Scott wishing he’d asked her to move in sooner, and they celebrated their anniversary with a BBQ and local adventures, rather than the sailing trip with friends they’d originally planned. 

Generally he’s felt fine, but has missed family and friends, having to celebrate birthdays from afar over Zoom. He’d also planned some sailing adventures, both in the UK and Europe, which are currently on hold. “Last year we ran a sailing weekend for just over a dozen strangers on two yachts in the Solent. We had a brilliant time and made many new friends, and so the plan was to repeat that this year, but it was cancelled in early May when it became clear lockdown wasn’t likely to ease by then.” 

He’s hoping they might go ahead, but there’s the challenge of working within the UK government guidelines of social distancing and flight availability. “It’s still in the books for later in the year if guidelines allow, but likely with much reduced numbers to allow for social distances. Part two is a week sailing around the Greek islands with friends who I’ve sailed with previously, which has been in the planning for a year at least, and we’re all still hoping it may go ahead.”

Scott flies drones commercially for work, as well as enjoying flying model planes in his spare time. Because he’s not able to fly just now, he’s used the time in lockdown to build a new model from scratch.  

Working from home, the extra time normally spent commuting has meant he’s been able to do a lot more around the garden and he definitely doesn’t want to go back to living for work. Although he jokes, “I’ve also learnt how to faff more…, but more seriously, I’ve realised I did a lot of things to keep myself busy, some of which I miss, but some I don’t. I’ll be concentrating my free time now on things that make me happy and make life easier in the future.”

He’s been surprised by the generosity of some people, and the stupidity and greed of others, and bemused by some people’s attempts at wearing PPE. “I’m fed up with people not being respectful of the social distancing required, and haven’t gone out as much as normal.”

“It’s really frustrating how the UK government has handled it very poorly, but seems to come over as having done a great job.”  

There isn’t much he wishes he’d done that he hasn’t, but wants to make sure he spends his time in a more worthwhile way by helping others and helping the planet, saying, “it’s such a shame that this has meant a rise in the amount of additional single use plastic waste being generated, but the clearer skies and fresher air have been a real bonus, and I love how much nature is recovering. I really hope people will see that and make a greater step forward for a better future.”

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