My 40th year – December (month #8)

I first met Vix when we ran around London together about 5 years or so ago, dressed as colours of a rubik’s cube completing random challenges. It was an odd, but hugely fun, way to meet and we’ve been connected on social media since then.

Over the last few years I’ve enjoyed following as she’s launched her embodied coaching business, and have found a lot of her content really resonates and intrigues. I’ve been keen to learn more about cyclic living and authentic relating, and so when I saw Vix offering some complimentary end-of-year coaching sessions, I jumped at the chance to learn a bit more and see if it’s something I’d want to pursue.

This year for me has been full of constraints and stress, but also a lot of ideas, thoughts and possibilities and no real plan or thoughts on what to do with any of them. Add to that the aim of getting back in tune with myself a bit better over this 40th-year, and I thought this’d be a perfect chance to dip my toe in, and see if it might help clear the noise, and potentially reduce the overwhelm.

The first thing I noticed is how calm and gentle Vix is, and how much she can pick up in such a small space of time. It’s wonderfully validating to have someone understand and acknowledge what you think you’re giving out.

We spent the time doing some embodied coaching exercises on 4 different approaches to the same question/scenario. I really enjoyed tuning into how I felt as we talked through each one, rather than using my brain to work through all the possible, logical options.

I felt energised, uncomfortable, excited, uptight, relieved, awkward, unsure, relaxed and clear, and it was wonderful to be more present and feel all that through my body.

Vix had a great way to bring me back to the point in question if I headed off on a tangent, and helped me hone in on some ideas and priorities.

I’m excited to take away a few things from today’s session to put into practice and see how I go, and will then decide how I progress from here and whether I commit to further coaching. It wasn’t a take-the-free-session-with-no-intention-of-doing-anything-else, as I know it’ll be beneficial, it’s more a question of timing and working out what I’d focus on to get the most out of it.

(You can check out Vix’s work at

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