A year in moments #15 – the ‘what have I got myself into, am-I-going-to-die?’ moment

I was told I was to accompany Sandeepan’s husband later that day to some accommodation outside of Shimla. It seemed like an instruction rather than a request. I was in Northern India and had connected with a family who ran an NGO which helped with the education and empowerment of women and remote villages. TheyContinue reading “A year in moments #15 – the ‘what have I got myself into, am-I-going-to-die?’ moment”

A year in moments #14 – Bleedin’ hell

The winter sun was shining on my face, feeling warm against the chill of the air, as I ran slowly up the hill. I was feeling a bit grotty, a bit sluggish, and it was good to get outside. I stopped to take a picture halfway up the hill, the view across the snow-capped mountainsContinue reading “A year in moments #14 – Bleedin’ hell”

A year in moments #13 – You see me

“I read your stuff.” “You did?” “Yeah. I read pretty much everything you write.” “You do?” He laughed. “Yes, of course. Why do you think I wouldn’t?” Because none of my other partners did. You see me. It’s a wonderful thing to be seen, you see (pun intended), and I’ve realised it’s something that’s reallyContinue reading “A year in moments #13 – You see me”

A year in moments #12 – first date with The Poet

Continued from Meeting The Poet… It was 3 months exactly since we first met, this time Friday 13th December. There were only two Fri 13ths in 2019, and we’d met on both, neither of which were planned. We were supposed to have met the Wednesday before, but I’d pushed it back to Friday because IContinue reading “A year in moments #12 – first date with The Poet”

A year in moments #11 – Meeting The Poet

It was Friday the 13th September last year and we headed up the stairs, the music thumping through the wall on the left. The air was thick and hot as we reached the bar, people jostling to get to the front of the queue. “What do you want to drink?” I shouted to Katie asContinue reading “A year in moments #11 – Meeting The Poet”

A year in moments #10 – the mountaintop emotional meltdown

I was absolutely exhausted. It was a week since got back from Jordan where I’d run the Wadi Rum Ultramarathon and just a few weeks before I was moving to New Zealand and I’d spent no time in that week having any rest. In fact, it was the opposite – late nights and every dayContinue reading “A year in moments #10 – the mountaintop emotional meltdown”

A year in moments #9 – the story based on a poem

He laid awake, looking to his left. The light was just starting to peek through the curtains. She was facing away from him, sleeping. He watched her shoulder and the curve of her back, just exposed by the covers. She gently turned over to him, her eyelids giving away that she wasn’t yet awake. HeContinue reading “A year in moments #9 – the story based on a poem”

A year in moments #8 – the naked conference call

With all the remote working right now, this seems an opportune time to recall a story relating to working from home. I was working for Jaguar Land Rover; a global company with a great reputation. I worked in the HR department at Whitley and our office was set up for remote working; mainly in thatContinue reading “A year in moments #8 – the naked conference call”

A year in moments #7 – the last kilometre

My legs ached with every step. Every time my feet touched the ground, the pressure shot up into my hips, making it feel like my hip joints were grinding, bone on bone, in their sockets. The soles of my feet were sore, I could feel each small pebble through the bottom of my trainers. OneContinue reading “A year in moments #7 – the last kilometre”