A year in moments #6 – an introduction

In the sea of unfamiliar faces, I spotted someone I recognised. I made my way over, thankful to have someone to talk to rather than loiter by myself in the crowd, none of who also seemed to be alone. I’d noticed this a lot in New Zealand; people don’t do much stuff by themselves, whichContinue reading “A year in moments #6 – an introduction”

A year in moments #5 – head injury guy

I ran a hill track most Tuesday mornings before work last year and started to see the same guy around the same time, walking up the hill. Stripy hat, backpack, brisk pace. After a few weeks I shouted a cheery hello as I ran past up the track. “HELLO! You must have the same TuesdayContinue reading “A year in moments #5 – head injury guy”

A year in moments #4 – the Valentine’s Day mystery

Valentine’s Day; a day for love and romance and all that jazz. It’s been a while since I’ve been seeing someone over Valentines Day, so it doesn’t usually register. I was at work; about 11am and Nick (who’s staying in my flat) messaged me about something. “Oh, and you’ve had a delivery,” he said. What? It’sContinue reading “A year in moments #4 – the Valentine’s Day mystery”

A year in moments #3 – The Marine’s entrance

We’d been out for cocktails and had a great night. Somewhat suprisingly great. I’d thought he was a player; cocky and shallow. Turns out there was a bit more underneath and we’d had fun. He unlocked the front door and stepped aside to let me in. “What would you like to drink?” he asked. “WhatContinue reading “A year in moments #3 – The Marine’s entrance”

A year in moments #2 – arriving in New Zealand

It was about lunchtime, yet my brain didn’t really know what time or day it was. I’d been travelling for over 30 hours and my weary body was pleased to have finally landed. I didn’t know what was waiting for me behind the arrival gates. Would he be there at the front with a bigContinue reading “A year in moments #2 – arriving in New Zealand”

A year in moments #1 – the drainpipe and the eyebrow

My brother shouted down from the roof of the shed. “Chuck the drainpipe up to me.” We’d devised a game where he’d throw a marble (or some kind of ball, the memories are sketchy) through a piece of drainpipe from the top of the roof and I’d stand on the ground and try and catchContinue reading “A year in moments #1 – the drainpipe and the eyebrow”