A year in people #91 – Rich C

Me and Rich used to work together in Lincoln, although not that closely. Our interactions would be mainly light chit chat and a few laughs when I’d head over to the ‘other side’ (we had two offices, one on either side of the building) to mill about and catch up with people. So I didn’tContinue reading “A year in people #91 – Rich C”

A year in people #90 – Mum

“Do you fancy a day out Mum? Just the two of us? Let’s go do something.” She looked suspicious; it wasn’t something we often did. “Maybe a walk around Clumber Park?” I picked her up in the car, and as I drove I chattered away about nothing but I had a knot in my stomach.Continue reading “A year in people #90 – Mum”

A year in people #89 – the child(ren) I’ll [probably] never have

It’s not that I don’t want children, but I don’t not want them either. I’m indifferent. When I was younger, I remember saying that I’d be married and having kids when I was 25. At 10, or whatever age it was, 25 seemed a long way off. I was sure I’d be adult enough then.Continue reading “A year in people #89 – the child(ren) I’ll [probably] never have”

A year in people #88 – the aura reader

It was hot, dusty and noisy. Tuks tuks motored past, children ran past me laughing, animals wandered freely and horns blared constantly. I was in Delhi, browsing a stall selling scarves on one of the main streets looking like something straight out of Eay, Pray, Love. Baggy trousers, tanned skin, wrist full of cotton braceletsContinue reading “A year in people #88 – the aura reader”

A year in people #87 – a dick

Years ago Meet guy at work Both attracted to each other from the get go Hang out a lot Great chat Lots of messages Become friends Go out, spend the night together He stops messaging Stops chatting at work I raise it. Is there an issue? No, I’ve just been busy Right mate. It wasContinue reading “A year in people #87 – a dick”

A year in people #86 – the person who wasn’t there

I met my ex-husband when I was 17 years old and went straight from living with my parents to moving in with him a few years later (I never went to university or lived with friends). Fast forward 13 years and a bit years to a few months after we separated, and I had toContinue reading “A year in people #86 – the person who wasn’t there”

A year in people #85 – Nick J

Nick was a student who came to work in the University of Lincoln IT department in his second year, I was an IT Project Manager with a decent amount of working years behind me. He was jam packed full of fresh, incredible ideas with free reign to play; I was the sensible, boring person whoContinue reading “A year in people #85 – Nick J”

A year in people #84 – Dyl

It was the first day of secondary school, and I looked around the room to see if I recognised anyone in my class who went on the same school bus as me. Mainly to have someone else to help with figuring out how the whole bus thing worked. As an 11 year old who wasContinue reading “A year in people #84 – Dyl”