A year in people #50 (Part 2) – Katie the cryer – Katie’s version

Katie had asked if she could write her version of the moment we met, previously written from my perspective in A year in people #50 – Katie the cryer. My boyfriend and I have come to Arrowtown for the weekend to participate in the Motatapu event. He in the mountain bike race; me in myContinue reading “A year in people #50 (Part 2) – Katie the cryer – Katie’s version”

A year in people #82 – Nic

I think Nic was the first person I met in New Zealand when I moved here who I didn’t already know, or who wasn’t connected to my ex-boyfriend. It was like a Tinder date for mates. We met online, through the UK group Adventure Queens, and arranged to meet for a cuppa. I’d only beenContinue reading “A year in people #82 – Nic”

A year in people #81 – Michelle

“Hi Michelle, sorry for the late notice but I’m going to have to cancel tonight. I split up with M yesterday and I’m not in the best state to meet I’m afraid! It’s all still a bit new and I have quite a lot to sort out. Hoping to stay in Christchurch though so hopefullyContinue reading “A year in people #81 – Michelle”

A year in people #80 – Tess

When I first saw Tess I saw this edgy, trendy, cool chick. You know the kind, the ones that you can feel a bit intimidated by. She had a cool social media presence, worked in some trendy job in Brighton and had the best notebook for this running writing workshop we were at. And woreContinue reading “A year in people #80 – Tess”

A year in people #79 – the San Francisco guy

I met R in Queenstown when I was travelling in New Zealand in 2014. He was staying at the same hostel and I was about to head to bed but a friend persuaded me to stay up for a few minutes longer and after ten minutes of chat, I found myself crashing on his sofa two monthsContinue reading “A year in people #79 – the San Francisco guy”

A year in people #78(3) – A

Continued from Part Two “What would you say to us going out? Like properly? I want to be with you.” It was a quandry. I didn’t really want to go out with anyone. But I loved being with him. “Why can’t we just keep it as it is? Enjoy it for what it is. I’mContinue reading “A year in people #78(3) – A”

A year in people #78(2) – A

Continued from Part One… We’d started messaging each other while I was away abroad for a year. At first it was just general chit chat about work (we used to work together) and where I’d been, then gradually it got deeper and more personal. He was having relationship issues and I became someone for himContinue reading “A year in people #78(2) – A”

A year in people #78(1) – A

“Can I take you on a proper date?” “What do you mean?” “You know, a proper date, where I come and pick you up and take you out for dinner.” “Ohhhh. YES! Shall I wear a dress?” He laughed. “You can wear whatever you like.” He pulled up outside my friend’s house where I wasContinue reading “A year in people #78(1) – A”

A year in people #77 – Marsha

As I saw her come through the airport arrival gates, my eyes filled with tears and my throat burned; it took all I had to not burst into a massive pile of sobs and snot. A massive wave of relief and emotion rushed over me. The last time we’d seen each other was when I’dContinue reading “A year in people #77 – Marsha”