Running away

When I was a kid I was captivated with running away. Not in the traditional sense to get away from your family and hating your life, no no (I liked my life), more to ‘go on an adventure’. I harboured dreams of having a bag packed and heading out into the unknown. I even persuaded a group of mates to do just that once, we … Continue reading Running away

A bit of random nostalgia – Cheltenham

I’ve found living abroad means I can get a bit nostalgic about the UK and my life there. I’m guessing this is pretty normal for expats, but it can be really random. Both the nostalgia, and the random events that trigger it. For example, this evening I was buttering a ciabatta roll for dinner and all of a sudden I was nostalgic for the Co-op … Continue reading A bit of random nostalgia – Cheltenham


Everyone sees the world through their own perception – which is built on years of habits, views, opinions, patterns etc. We assume and expect so much of other people, because we see the world through our own filters. So often we assume someone is behaving in a certain way, or doing a particular thing, or acting in a certain way because they are feeling a … Continue reading Perception