Forty (Me, in NZ)

My Dad pushed the roll of paper across the floor in the hallway, the brown sausage unravelling as it picked up speed before hitting the wall. “OK,” he said, looking across at me and my brother. “What are we writing on it?” “Happy 40th birthday Mum!” we shouted. “With a BIG four-zero!” Black marker pensContinue reading “Forty (Me, in NZ)”

Week one done

One week down in the new job. A pretty long week; the usual getting-set-up, reading-all-the-policies and trying-to-get-your-head-around-things as well as two days in Wellington meeting all the team from across the country. It’s been a good week though. A REALLY good week. Everything is so professional, my workmates are fab, and seem to work reallyContinue reading “Week one done”

Change is always unsettling

I’m dealing with a lot of stuff right now. I hadn’t realised this though, until two different people pointed it out to me. I guess that’s what happens sometimes, you just get so caught up in the middle of everything that you don’t always realise what you’re actually caught up with. You just battle through,Continue reading “Change is always unsettling”