A year in people #45 – Hannah C

You are smart, funny, kind, gorgeous, fit, fun to be around, generous, brave, courageous, vulnerable, energetic and so much more. You are you. Remember that time you cycled 300km across the South Island of New Zealand? You didn’t like cycling much, but you said you’d give it a go. That you’d try it. Most peopleContinue reading “A year in people #45 – Hannah C”

A year in people #43 – Charley Farley

Charley was this super glamorous chick at work in the HR department. Oval face, big eyes, full lips – pretty as hell, and one of those girls who seem to glide around rather than walk. You know what I mean right? I remember she had impossibly shiny hair too, all swishy. She was so effortlesslyContinue reading “A year in people #43 – Charley Farley”

A year in people #37 – the blue steel man

I was at a work conference. Probably something to do with IT, project management or Universities. Or more likely, all 3 together. I can’t really remember many details, but they’re not really relevant for this story. I’d gone with my boss Matt. We were all sat in groups at tables, rather than in rows becauseContinue reading “A year in people #37 – the blue steel man”

A year in people #35 – 38 year old me

Happy birthday you. You’re 38 today. Do you feel 38? Yesterday you felt about 88. It’s because you’ve just spent a week eating mildly unhealthy food and drinking booze and then tried to run in the hills for 3 hours. At this age, you know what the effects of diet, alcohol and sleep do to you. Continue reading “A year in people #35 – 38 year old me”