Forty (Me, in NZ)

My Dad pushed the roll of paper across the floor in the hallway, the brown sausage unravelling as it picked up speed before hitting the wall. “OK,” he said, looking across at me and my brother. “What are we writing on it?” “Happy 40th birthday Mum!” we shouted. “With a BIG four-zero!” Black marker pensContinue reading “Forty (Me, in NZ)”

A year in people #3 – TR

There was a boy. Let’s call him TR. We were 13, or maybe 12. That awkward age where someone asks someone else to be their boyfriend/girlfriend and that’s it, you’re Going Out. Which at that age (back in my day), consisted of nothing more but awkward (if not silent) conversation, hanging out together with theContinue reading “A year in people #3 – TR”