COVID-19 – how I’m doing right now

I’ve not written anything for a while; I don’t tend to write much if I’m a bit stressed or busy. Writing’s relaxing for me, but my head’s got to be in it. It’s strange times right now, which you don’t need me to explain, and I’ve not felt I’ve had anything to contribute. There’s SOContinue reading “COVID-19 – how I’m doing right now”

A year in people #86 – the person who wasn’t there

I met my ex-husband when I was 17 years old and went straight from living with my parents to moving in with him a few years later (I never went to university or lived with friends). Fast forward 13 years and a bit years to a few months after we separated, and I had toContinue reading “A year in people #86 – the person who wasn’t there”

Can you be happy alone?

A musing from a conversation the other night with a friend who I’d not spoken to much since I got to New Zealand. He said he was worried about me, because I’m not dating anyone/in a relationship. I told him I was quite happy being alone. But no one’s happy alone, he says. I toldContinue reading “Can you be happy alone?”