A year in moments – the end

2020 has gone which also means my Year in moments project has come to an end. Safe to say this one wasn’t as successful as Year in people, with only 23 posts published compared to the 99 I’d done in 2019. Why? Mainly, COVID. Doesn’t really need much more explanation than that eh? Tales fromContinue reading “A year in moments – the end”

A year in people #46 – the secret guy at work

You look hot today. I glanced down at my phone, a smile on my face as I read the message. I was working on a project in a different department, and somehow I’d ended up catching the eye of someone who wasn’t part of the team as such, but was in one of the officesContinue reading “A year in people #46 – the secret guy at work”

Jonny Marine: Part 4

Continued from Part Three… Out of the blue, I got a message from someone in January 2018 asking if they’d just seen me driving around Lincolnshire. Given I was halfway up a mountain in New Zealand at the time, the answer was most definitely no. I didn’t recognise the number or the picture and wondered whoContinue reading “Jonny Marine: Part 4”

A weekend in Hanmer Springs

I’ve been to Hanmer Springs a fair few times now. It’s actually is one of my favourite places in the South Island. Given it’s only about 1 hour 40 minutes from Christchurch it’s an easy destination to go for a weekend, or even a day depending on how much you like driving and who’s in yourContinue reading “A weekend in Hanmer Springs”

A year in people #21 – Craig

I’d only been running for a few months. Always on my own, always along the back trails of the village where I lived. Plodding along, quite happy with what I was doing, my only competition was myself on my Runkeeper app, where I was trying to go a little bit further each time than theContinue reading “A year in people #21 – Craig”

A year in people #19 – Gary

Awkward teenager. That was me. And Gary. He was also an awkward teenager. Not that I realised it, to me he was just my brother’s slightly annoying friend and seemingly quite confident. Unbeknown to me, he had a little crush on me which I found out in a quite spectacular and hugely embarrassing style. For aContinue reading “A year in people #19 – Gary”

A year in people #18 – the man who broke my heart (a little bit)

I was infatuated. My god I’d never felt lust like it, you could literally make me go weak at the knees. I don’t know exactly why, I couldn’t pinpoint any particular thing, you just had an effect on me that I’d never felt before, and haven’t quite felt since. We spent months growing close. Friends,Continue reading “A year in people #18 – the man who broke my heart (a little bit)”

A year in people #17 – the man whose heart I broke

I’m sorry. I know I broke your heart. Would it matter if I said I didn’t mean to? I don’t think so. I knew you’d loved me for about 10 years, because you told me. At one point I’d liked you back, years before, when we were both with other people. But nothing happened, itContinue reading “A year in people #17 – the man whose heart I broke”