A year in people #60 – Matthew

Christmas Day afternoon, circa 1989 ish. The family were playing Monopoly and I'm pretty sure my brother was cheating. I remember something around him hiding money and property cards behind something on the table and just generally being a bit of an annoying dick. I was tired; lethal for a child. I was getting more... Continue Reading →

A year in people #42 – Bryony

How many times have you been the new person that turns up to something? A new job, a party, a meeting, a fitness group etc. Where you don't know anyone? It can be terrifying, right? Intimidating? Even for the most confident people. The first time I went along to the HIIT Squad when I first... Continue Reading →

A year in people #23 – Shelley

I met Shelley when I saw there was someone new moving into the flat below me in Cheltenham. I knocked on the door to introduce myself and a firm voice came through the wood abruptly: "Yes? Who's that?" "Errr, oh hello, my name is Tara, I'm from number 7 upstairs. Just, erm, saying hello." "Oh.... Continue Reading →

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