A year in people #71 – Sue Scott

Sue started her role as Human Resources Director at Lincolnshire Police in 2005 with a massive bang. The Personnel Department she inherited was tired, outdated and not really fit for purpose, and so Sue invoked a total transformation – implementing the Ulrich model to turn Personnel into Human Resources (for non-HR peeps, the Ulrich model isContinue reading “A year in people #71 – Sue Scott”

A year in people #30 – Steve the life coach

My boss popped her head around the door. “Steve’s got a spare slot if you want it?” “YES!!!” I snapped it up. We were launching a leadership coaching programme at work, and Steve was one of the top coaches from the company we’d partnered with who was working with the senior leaders, so to getContinue reading “A year in people #30 – Steve the life coach”