My 40th year – December (month #8)

I first met Vix when we ran around London together about 5 years or so ago, dressed as colours of a rubik’s cube completing random challenges. It was an odd, but hugely fun, way to meet and we’ve been connected on social media since then. Over the last few years I’ve enjoyed following as she’sContinue reading “My 40th year – December (month #8)”

A year in people #30 – Steve the life coach

My boss popped her head around the door. “Steve’s got a spare slot if you want it?” “YES!!!” I snapped it up. We were launching a leadership coaching programme at work, and Steve was one of the top coaches from the company we’d partnered with who was working with the senior leaders, so to getContinue reading “A year in people #30 – Steve the life coach”

I’m taking any help I can get.

This ultramarathon lark is not just something I can wing this time (believe me, I’ve relied on this as a tried and tested method in the past, with varying success). Nope, I need all the help I can get. So, as part of my ultramarathon training, the other month I took a trip to seeContinue reading “I’m taking any help I can get.”