Apology languages

“I’m sorry…..But….” This drives me CRAZY. My ex-husband used to do it all the time. Apologies seemed meaningless and insincere. There was always a reason, an excuse for shitty behaviour; usually it was me. “I’m sorry. But…you know how to wind me up.” “I’m sorry. But…I had a bad day at work.” “That but wipesContinue reading “Apology languages”

A year in people – I’m taking requests!

Hey hey there – I’ve decided September’s year in people posts will be chosen by you! I’m taking requests/nominations NOW for people to write about next month. Want me to write about you? Or someone you know that I know too? Or maybe there’s someone/a story about a person you’ve heard me talk about. OrContinue reading “A year in people – I’m taking requests!”