A year in people #58 – the 21 year old

I was 31. There was 10 years between us. We met at work; he was doing some kind of graduate placement. It sounds like some kind of Mrs Robinson thing, and if I’d seen that film I’d be able to comment on whether there were any similarities. As it is, I haven’t, so I can’t.Continue reading “A year in people #58 – the 21 year old”

A year in people #26 – the couple at the restaurant

I’m sure I speak for everyone sat near me when I say we just loved watching and listening to you both smack lips like you were the only people in the room, when in actual fact you were in the middle of a packed restaurant. I also loved being part of your FaceTime with yourContinue reading “A year in people #26 – the couple at the restaurant”

A year in people #20 – Bob & La

When I hear the word Love, I think of Bob and La. I have never met a couple so deeply in love, they honestly just exude it. When they look at each other, you can see the love, affection and respect as clear as day. I saw it on the day they got married, andContinue reading “A year in people #20 – Bob & La”