My 40th Year – October (month #6)

Month 6 means it’s halfway through my 40th year and I’m sat thinking ‘what the fuck?’ It’s a cliche, but time really is flying. It’s nearly the end of October and I couldn’t even tell you what I’ve done these past few weeks. Blink and I’ve missed them. Back on my birthday in April IContinue reading “My 40th Year – October (month #6)”

Forty (Me, in NZ)

My Dad pushed the roll of paper across the floor in the hallway, the brown sausage unravelling as it picked up speed before hitting the wall. “OK,” he said, looking across at me and my brother. “What are we writing on it?” “Happy 40th birthday Mum!” we shouted. “With a BIG four-zero!” Black marker pensContinue reading “Forty (Me, in NZ)”

Leigh, Derby, UK

“Well I hadn’t thought about it until you just asked me, everything was fine.” Leigh pauses. Hang on, I’m turning 40. WHAT?!” He laughs and tells me it’s parents that turn 40. “I’m still a kid.” Leigh says he doesn’t find the thought of turning 40 particularly daunting, but does think it’s an interesting time.Continue reading “Leigh, Derby, UK”

Kowhai, North Canterbury, NZ

“As 40 comes closer I think about it on a weekly basis; it definitely feels like quite an important milestone for me, a stake in the ground to which to compare the rest of my life against.” Kowhai is looking forward to turning 40. She says: “I’ve come through a lot of things over theContinue reading “Kowhai, North Canterbury, NZ”

Ben, Cheltenham, UK

“In all honesty, I’m absolutely fine about turning 40.” Pause. “But…” I wait while Ben looks out the window. “Every now and then you get this thing where you think, OK, I”m nearly 40, which is basically nearly 50, that’s nearly 60, 70..and you’re dead.” He laughs. “30 felt close to 20, 40 feels closerContinue reading “Ben, Cheltenham, UK”