A year in moments #5 – head injury guy

I ran a hill track most Tuesday mornings before work last year and started to see the same guy around the same time, walking up the hill. Stripy hat, backpack, brisk pace. After a few weeks I shouted a cheery hello as I ran past up the track. “HELLO! You must have the same TuesdayContinue reading “A year in moments #5 – head injury guy”

A year in people #61 – to the girl who ran me over

I’d like to say I’m fine, but I’m not. I’m in a lot of pain and it was all a massive shock. I ended up in A&E yesterday evening having a CT scan as the pain had ramped up and I couldn’t breathe properly. They just wanted to check there was nothing untoward like anContinue reading “A year in people #61 – to the girl who ran me over”