COVID ponderings: fuck off memes

It’s Friday night and I’m sat at my kitchen table, Rod Stewart in the background asking the world to let him know if it thinks he’s sexy. After-work virtual drinks and a catch up with Women’s Wednesday means I’ve finished the beer in my fridge, and I’ve got no more to replace it. A sleepytimeContinue reading “COVID ponderings: fuck off memes”

A year in people #24 – BMF Nige

I think about Nige every time I switch a kettle on. But more on why that is later. My first birthday in Chelts was only a few months after I moved there, and when I first got there I craved time alone and put off getting out and meeting people, so by the time itContinue reading “A year in people #24 – BMF Nige”

A year in people #15 – James D

I think it was some science class that Vic Makins and I sat near James and Tim. I think. I can’t remember exactly, but I do remember James at school. He was alright. Quite funny and just a nice lad. Not tall. I think I was friends with him on Facebook for a bit whenContinue reading “A year in people #15 – James D”

A year in people #6 – Laraine Wyn-Jones

My eyes darted left and right, scanning the crammed ferry lounge area for a spare seat. Seeing more people than seats, I was doubtful, until, hang on….wait….what was that? YES! A seat with no one in it. Moving as fast as I could while trying not to draw attention to myself, I threw myself intoContinue reading “A year in people #6 – Laraine Wyn-Jones”

A year in people #5 – Mr Forster

One of my GCSE subject choices was Business Studies. It sounded so grown up. I had no real idea what I wanted to do but figured it would probably come in handy in adult life in some way. At the beginning of the year we were put in groups to sit together and that’s howContinue reading “A year in people #5 – Mr Forster”