Jonny Marine: Part 3

Continued from Part Two… I was pretty confused. I loved what I had with The Marine but A had made me think too. But I was moving and A wanted more, both from me and from a relationship, and so made the decision for both of us by starting to see someone else. As muchContinue reading “Jonny Marine: Part 3”

Jonny Marine: Part 2

Continued from Part One… Regardless of what it actually was, the fact still remained that we weren’t really together. So I went on to have that perfect week in New Zealand with Johnny #2 and knew things would probably figure themselves out one way or another. And so, less than two weeks after landing backContinue reading “Jonny Marine: Part 2”

Jonny Marine: Part 1

Another story, another Jonny (this time no h). Aka: The Marine. As the name may suggest, he was a Marine. For those of you who don’t know, they are the UK Royal Marine Commandos (the Navy’s soldiers) and renowned for being tough as shit. Apparently the training is the longest and most arduous programmes inContinue reading “Jonny Marine: Part 1”