A year in people #94 – the guy who said I was flighty

I met a guy once. We chit chatted a bit, and one time ended up going for a drink just the two of us, but only really because the other people who were also supposed to be going, cancelled. He was nice enough, not bad looking, but I never thought much of it. One nightContinue reading “A year in people #94 – the guy who said I was flighty”

A night out…as a woman

Just in case anyone would like to know what it’s like being a woman on a night out, this is an account of last Saturday night out in a bar in Wellington. I’d suggest it’s not an uncommon experience for a lot of women, and one that most women might think when reading that’s not thatContinue reading “A night out…as a woman”

A year in people #51 – the guy with the mini

“Hello is that Tara?” said a voice on the phone. “Yep, speaking.” I replied. “This is Jane* from the DVLA.” she said. Oh crap, I thought. What’s happened? What had I done (or not done)? I was sure I’d paid my car tax. “Errr, well, this is all a bit awkward.” she said. Jesus? WhatContinue reading “A year in people #51 – the guy with the mini”

A year in people #44 – D, the guy who never was

D and I enjoyed a wonderful friendship for a few years. Mild flirting, deep conversations, and a mutual understanding of the quite obvious attraction that was there on both sides. But he had a girlfriend, so that’s as far as it went. He’d talk about how the relationship wasn’t quite working but didn’t make anyContinue reading “A year in people #44 – D, the guy who never was”