A year in people #34 – the handsome plumber

“I’m waiting on the handsome plumber story…” Once upon a time, I was VERY hungover. Like, last night’s makeup smeared across my face and still in the same clothes hungover, with a massive spot and hair like dreadlocks because it was too much effort to brush it. I’m laid on my sofa, questioning my poorContinue reading “A year in people #34 – the handsome plumber”

A year in people #23 – Shelley

I met Shelley when I saw there was someone new moving into the flat below me in Cheltenham. I knocked on the door to introduce myself and a firm voice came through the wood abruptly: “Yes? Who’s that?” “Errr, oh hello, my name is Tara, I’m from number 7 upstairs. Just, erm, saying hello.” “Oh.Continue reading “A year in people #23 – Shelley”