A year in moments #22 – the supermarket

I stood staring at shelves full of tins, boxes and packets, squinting my eyes, as if to try and focus. But they were fully focused, that wasn't the problem. You know when you go abroad to a foreign supermarket, and it's fun and exciting, and you laugh at all the different names for things? It's … Continue reading A year in moments #22 – the supermarket

A year in moments #20 – a random video call

25th April 2020, 13:15 and a Facebook Messenger notification popped up in my browser while I was going some admin on my laptop. 'Morning! You OK?' It was not morning in New Zealand, so it had to be someone in the UK. I smiled. Anyone from there messaging me in the afternoon on a Saturday … Continue reading A year in moments #20 – a random video call

Caricatures and containers

"I'm glad to be back in New Zealand but it's definitely not the homecoming I'd envisaged,' laughs Abi. She arrived in New Zealand on 1st January, returning after years living away in the UK, Switzerland and France. She was just getting settled and had some job offers on the table when lockdown hit. 'Lockdown was … Continue reading Caricatures and containers

A year in people #77 – Marsha

As I saw her come through the airport arrival gates, my eyes filled with tears and my throat burned; it took all I had to not burst into a massive pile of sobs and snot. A massive wave of relief and emotion rushed over me. The last time we'd seen each other was when I'd … Continue reading A year in people #77 – Marsha

A year in people #74 – Emma

“Tara! I need your help.” My friend Emma shouted from downstairs. “I think you need to call an ambulance.” She was staying with me after an operation in which a metal coil was put down the main (femoral) artery in her leg.  “I think something’s bleeding inside, it’s happened really quickly.” She lifted the covers … Continue reading A year in people #74 – Emma